About The Project
The existence of a developed textile industry in Turkey enables the production and marketing of fashionable products with a high added value and of high quality. When the current global circumstances are taken into consideration, it becomes obvious that the main purpose of the sector is to manufacture original products with a high added value and of high quality.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) which brings value to the economy of the city is conducting the Production-Development Project: “Enhancing the International Competition Power of Bursa’s Textile Sector” with the support of the Ministry of Economy. The project aims to improve the international competitiveness of the textile firms.
34 pioneer manufacturing companies of the textile industry in Bursa, Turkey; are exploring their potential through the synergy which emerged with the contribution of state institutions, civil society and universities. Companies which are provided corporate Research & Development, innovation and design support act with a common mind and a shared strategy, opening up to new markets.

Companies, which improve their cooperation culture and which institutionalize pretty quickly, are preparing to become the new base of the global textile market with their competitive cost-efficiency, their high quality, their flexible and efficient production, innovative design and nature-friendly production chains.

Bursa is an exemplary garment and home textile base with its innovative and style-oriented manufacturing. Garment and home textile firms compete with the leading brands of the world with their different design vision, their expert teams and their high-quality textile equipment infrastructure.

Out of the firms which take part in the project; 17 produce home textiles, 14 produce apparel fabrics and ready-made garments. The project also contains in itself, 1 spinning mill, 1 design firm and 1 coating firm. The project firms still export and they have the potential to enter international markets.

Creating a cooperation awareness amongst the members, increasing the exportation capacity, entering new markets, conducting activities which will be beneficial for the sector with organizations held in the markets with a high potential and creating joint business models of a wider scale through this co-operation are amongst the primary goals of this project.