President’s Message
Bursa plays a leading role in helping our country reach its development goals with its production potential, entrepreneurial spirit, industrial infra-structure and qualified employment.
Our city plays a key role in helping our country reach its foreign trade goals with more than 180 countries it exports to and with its close to 1000 foreign investors. Of course our business world representatives who work heartily for their city and country played a big part in the success of Bursa’s economy. 

So certainly textile is the most dynamic sector which is leading for our country and city’s economy. Our city, which is a center with a centuries-old textile tradition, is one of the most important stations of Silkroad. Around 5,000 textile firms registered to our chamber keep bringing value to our city’s economy and to employment.
With the projects we have conducted, we managed to become the biggest textile manufacturer of Europe. We have reached a very special position in the world with our product quality, fashion and trend setting power and our perception of competitiveness.
As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) we would like to take our sector not one step, but many steps further ahead with our value added production goal. Within this framework, our International Competitiveness Development Projects (Production Development) which go on with the support of the Ministry of Economy guide our firms in opening up to the world.

Just like the Juniokids brand established by our Baby and Kids’ Apparel Industry Production Development Project and accepted globally; the new corporate identity of our representatives of the textile sector: Bursa Textile Cluster (BURTEX) keeps paving the way for our industry’s qualified and growth of a common mind.

Our 34 firms, gathered under a single roof, strengthen their competitive identity and speed up our city’s value added production by joining training, exhibition and procurement committee organizations.

We unite the representatives of the foreign business world with the firms of Bursa within the context of BURTEX via procurement committee and exhibition organizations. Not only do our members establish important business connections by coming together with foreign buyers, but they also get a chance to acquire new customers and present Bursa’s textile quality to the world by opening stands abroad.

As BTSO we believe that we will continue to put the signature of Bursa under the important achievements with our representatives of the industry. Thanks to Burtex which is the new corporate identity of the textile sector, we will increase the foreign trade volume of our firms and strengthen their corporate identity.

Our Textiles and Technical Textiles Center of Excellence we have founded under the roof of BUTEKOM (Bursa Technology Coordination & Research and Development Center) with the vision of “Bursa Grows, Turkey Grows”; our Textile and Ready-Made Clothing Sector Council which unites Textile and Sustainable Home Textile Cluster (SETEK), the first home textile cluster of Turkey with the business world, academicians and public instution managers keep determining the future of the industry.

I wish for our big investments and projects which bring great value for the textile sector to bring good fortune for our firms and for the business world of Bursa.

İbrahim Burkay
President of the Board of Directors of BTSO