Turkish Textile Sector
Turkey, which has been the cradle of civilization for thousands of years, discovered its potential by achieving great reforms. Not only do our services and products display the amazing power Turkey has been discovering every day but they also carry the Turkish quality all around the world.

Turkish textile sector aims to be a world leader with its fast growing economy, intense labor force, high quality production, trend-setting creative designs and high rate of customer satisfaction. Turkish textile sector produces and exports all kinds of textile products; such as yarn, fabrics, home textile, technical textile, weaving products, ready-made clothing and accessories.

More than 50.000 companies in the sector aim to grow by adopting a production focused on information, technology and educated human resources. Whereas big firms equipped with modern and advanced technology aim to grow by directing their investments towards production technologies.

All the companies in the sector pay extra attention to recycling technology as a solution to the global waste problem. There are fabric design contests, home textile design contests, technical textile project contests being held to enhance the creative potential of the textile sector on a national scale and to support young talents.
Turkey is the world’s fastest textile manufacturer. You can order from anywhere in the world and receive your delivery within 48 hours maximum. Thanks to its integrated production, fast supply and logistic capacity, Turkey is becoming the world’s most preferred textile country.

Textile and Garment Industry, which provides employment for almost 2,5 millions of people, is Turkey’s leading exportation industry. Turkey; which is a textile, textile raw materials and ready-made-clothing exporter; is the 2nd biggest textile exporter in EU and the 7th biggest textile exporter in the world. Turkey which has conducted 30 billion dollars of textile and ready-made-clothing exportation to 200 countries in total since 2015 aims to conduct 80 billion dollars of exportation in the year 2023.

The vision of the Turkish textile sector is based on growing globally and being a leader. The growing textile industry will make Turkey even stronger and will become the bridge of the future.
Into the future together with the textile.