Textile Sector of Bursa
Bursa, the vision city of the Republic of Turkey and the Anatolian civilizations whose roots date back to thousands of years ago.

Bursa, which is at a 3-hours-flight distance to the important trade centers of the world, is also the focus of huge transportation investments of the Powerful Turkey which is preparing for the 100th anniversary of its foundation in 2023.

The history of the textile sector in our city dates back to 1,500 years ago. Silk which was one of the most valuable raw materials of the ancient times was produced out of China for the first time, in Bursa in 550 A.D. Bursa, which continued to be a center for textile industry during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, is the textile capital of Turkey today, too.

In Bursa, whose field of expertise is textile, over 2 billion dollars of exportation is conducted to more than 160 countries with more than 8,000 firms which have over 100,000 trained and qualified labor force, advanced technology machines, an innovative perspective, world-standard-quality production.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry which leads the city’s economy, guides the textile industry with its visionary projects. The works of the Textile Council which was established to develop strategies and a common mind determines the future vision of the sector. Not only does the International Textile Research and Development Project Market Summit contribute to Research and Development works, but also it strengthens the university-industry cooperation.

Technical Textiles Center of Excellence, which was founded under the leadership of BTSO, with the purpose of strengthening production based on innovation and with added value in the textile and technical textile sectors, pioneers the materialization of new ideas in the sector.

Thanks to the center which leads the sustainable growth of textile and ready-made-clothing sectors and their sub-sectors; it is aimed that Bursa will strengthen its position in the global market via smart textiles, nano products and 3D fabric technologies together with original and high quality production.

BUTGEM (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Education Foundation) trains qualified designers in the fields of textile pattern and fashion designs thanks to the training given by expert trainers.

Within the framework of Bursa Spring of Innovation and Design; the synergy created by events such as Design Summit, Home Style Fair and Fiat Fashion Night sets the new lines of the textile design and the fashion world.
Bursa, which is one of the world’s most important textile cities and trade centers of the world, is getting closer to becoming a global textile leader. Bursa is the city of entrepreneurship, environmental sensitivity, culture of competitiveness, quality, productivity and technology; but most importantly it is the city of impact-makers. Because it

is the capital of design and innovation.
“Bursa”; Textile Base of the World